Monday, December 12, 2011

Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth Finally Go to Orlando

Today was a big day. I finally made it to Orlando. It started early, early enough to make a 6:25am flight from O'Hare. Much to my surprise, waiting for me on the plane was one of the 12 regular readers of Mr. (and Mrs.) Luth Go to India in the world, John Spaight. It's good to have fans. It turns out he had a meeting in Orlando and was turning back for Chicago exactly four hours after landing. My stay is a little more undefined (OK, so technically, I go back in five days, but I do have a one way ticket BACK to Orlando on December 28th).

This week will be a busy one. We close on a new house tomorrow and spend the better part of the week getting unpacked and somewhat settled before heading back to Chicago for the holidays. With all of the moves and transition, I feel like I'm effectively delaying most of the reverse culture shock until after the new year. It's simply been too busy to fuss too much about things like not having drivers and a cook. Though, in a story I'll post shortly, we did find the grocery store a little overwhelming our first morning back.

While I didn't see much of the Orlando area today, we did a drive-by of the new house (the first time I had actually seen it). If first impressions mean anything, it appears as though Lindsay has made a good choice. It's in a quiet part of Oviedo, which from what little driving around we did, appears to be a quiet and nice enough suburb. It's 15 minutes to the office, under ten to places like Target and The Home Depot (which I've heard is a store where you can buy things to fix your home), and roughly five to the grocery store (more important to me than you'd probably think). It's suburbia, but we knew that going in.

A couple additional initial impressions of Orlando: (1) people at the office seem exceedingly nice (without fail, upon entering the elevator after someone today, they all asked what floor I was going to and pushed the button; not a big deal, just something good people do) and (2) it's true what they say, this place is littered with chain restaurants.

It's been a long journey since we started packing bags in India in mid-November. Tomorrow is a big day; I get to actually enter the building which I will soon call home. And while I seem somewhat detached from all the change occurring around me, closing day is one of the more anticipated days of the entire process.


  1. we have friends in orlando - one a native - let me know if you'd be interested in meeting them.

  2. I may just take you up on that; will reach out after the first of the year.